Expo Room

The Expo Room is a low-key demo space in the Stata Center, room 32-124. You can sign up for a short (two-ish hour) time slot to demo a narrative game or project that you've been working on. Both complete and in-progress works are welcome.

We supply only table space with a power outlet. You will have to bring a machine to demo on, and remain in the Expo Room through your entire time slot to show off your work. You may sign up for more than one time slot if you want, but we encourage you to take in some of the NarraScope talks and presentations too! Nobody is expected to spend their whole weekend demoing a game.

Here are the people and games who signed up for the Expo Room:

  • Josh Grams / Oxygen Trail
  • Rachel Helps / Space to Grow
  • Joel Haddock, Chris Klimas / Night in the Unpleasant House
  • Cidney Hamilton, Israel Peskowitz / Summer Daze
  • Fly Jamerson / TIME WHAT DAY - Mixed Reality Twine Game
  • Chris Martens / Villanelle authoring tool
  • Sophia Lynch / And I Devour
  • Jack Hart / You Are A Whale Also
  • Gene Mocsy / unannounced murder mystery for Haiku Games
  • Daniel Spitz / Venience World
  • Katherine Morayati / Lies and Cigars
  • Juha Kangas / Parley
  • Rony Kahana / Thin Line or Mindfield
  • Jesse McGrew / ZIL
  • David Su / Evergreen Blues
  • Jeremy Johnson, Mark Baumann / Harrowing Adventures
  • Matt Griffin / sneak peak of Adafruit's PyperCard CYOA patch for their touchscreen PyPortal display (with a demo game and how to build your own)
  • Nonadecimal / To Dream Among The Stars
  • Andrew Smith, Cassandra Hradil / “When You Arrive”
  • Emily Short / Blood & Laurels
  • Roger Matthews / Lost Cosmonaut / video demo
  • Andrew Schneider / Nocked! True Tales of Robin Hood
  • Squinky / Robot Slow Dance
  • Rose Loprinzo / Love Potion
  • Dave Kaufman / The Public Caves (a historical IF exhibit presented by Jason Dyer)